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If you’ve ever found yourself driving around your neighborhood, calling out the window for the family dog, then possibly you’ve thought about an underground pet containment system! Safety and exercise are usually the main reasons behind considering a pet containment system.

Underground or wireless pet fences are intended to be a correction deterrent to your pet, not a punishment. As suburbs continue to pop up around cities and as more neighborhoods and subdivisions are formed, so too are restrictions. Many homeowners associations have policies that restrict the type, size, and existence of any fence system. At the same time these associations also restrict the freedom of pets. Underground or wireless pet fences make the association and the homeowner happy. The homeowner is able to contain the family pet and the association is happy because there isn’t the visual clutter of conventional fences. Even without restrictive covenants, you may still choose underground or wireless pet fences because of aesthetic appeal.

A Pet Stop Underground Dog Fence professionally installed by Bluegrass Inc. will help you in your efforts to keep your dog safe, happy and healthy. Dogs that are content are usually dogs that can run. A chained up dog is not a happy dog. It goes without saying that keeping your dog safe from harm is also a pet owner’s priority.

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