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Light Up Your World With LED Landscape Lighting

With summer finally here in northeast Ohio, spending time outside is something we’re now able to do more and more and even when it gets dark, it is still warm enough to stay outdoors. If the yard is pitch-black though, it may be tempting to stay inside where it is well lit. Avoid being cooped up this summer by installing some landscape lighting to brighten your yard and your summer.

Don’t waste your warm evenings and beautiful yard any longer. Illuminate your paths and bushes with ground lights while also brightening trees, decks, and fountains with lovely hanging lanterns. With this lighting, you and your guests will be able to enjoy your landscape long after the sun has gone done.

It’s not all about the looks though; the LED lighting also adds to the safety of your home. With paths being well-lit, navigating your yard has never been easier.  The light dispersement that LED lights provide allows you to spend time in your yard well into the evening. And further, the landscape lighting also gives you that extra security and assurance.

If that’s not enough, the LED lighting is a long-term investment that keeps giving back. The LED bulbs have an exceptionally long life expectancy. In fact, if you use your LED lights for eight hours daily, it would take approximately 20 years until needing to replace them. The bulbs are also extremely eco-friendly, being that they are free of toxic chemicals and are completely recyclable.

Once those LED lights are in, you won’t have to worry about them again. They are exceptionally durable, which is needed in this unpredictable Ohio weather. They operate well in both warm temperatures and cold temperatures, including those freezing winter times.

What’s the catch, right? If you’re thinking it’s the cost, think again. Before any work is done, one of our highly qualified technicians will come out to your property and meet with you in person so you can not explain and show exactly what you would like as well as get an idea of how much the project would cost.

Don’t waste your valuable summer months sitting on a dark deck unable to enjoy your yard. Instead, invest in the lights that will brighten your nights and summer; invest in LED landscape lighting. The return will be even better than the investment.

landscape lighting led design northeast ohio

Beautifying landscapes day and night!

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10 Tips to Prepare your Landscape for Spring


Spring Cleanups are a time honored tradition among gardeners, as an excuse to get outside after the long winter months. If done right, a spring cleanup prepares your landscape for summer. If not done your landscape can get out of control very quickly! By following these steps you will save yourself from headaches further down the road.


  • First things first, all your perennials will need a good haircut. Most perennials can be cut back right to the base. However some perennials need to have some growth left behind, such as the woody Russian Sage. At this time you will also want to remove any remaining weeds.
  • Most of your shrubs and trees will benefit from some light pruning also. Remove any dead, damaged, or diseased branches.
  • After performing these two tasks, your beds will need a thorough raking. This will remove any debris that has allotted in your beds over the winter. This material is great to add to a compost pile if you have one! Otherwise dispose of it properly to help prevent the spread of any potential disease.


  • Edging all your landscape beds helps clearly define the line between the landscape and lawn. This prevents the turf from growing into the mulch too. Edging adds definition to your landscape and gives it a well maintained look!


  • Just as we always benefit from proper nutrition so can your plants. A 1-2″ application of fresh compost around all your plants can mean the difference between a lush, vigorous plant and a plant that struggles to thrive through dry, hot days. You will want to apply it prior to installing fresh mulch or if you like the look use it as your mulch!


  • Pre-emergent weed control is a life saver! It won’t eliminate all your weed problems, but it sure makes a difference. Pre-emergents act as a barrier to any weed seeds existing in your beds by preventing them from germinating. Apply this prior to installing fresh mulch in the spring. You can benefit from this process up to 3 times throughout the summer.


  • Along with edging, mulch helps create a defined and well maintained look to your landscape. No more than 3″ of mulch should exist throughout your plantings. If there is existing mulch you may only need to top dress with  1-2″ every spring.
  • Occasionally, mulch will begin to build up around your shrubs, trees, and foundations. It is important to remove all this old mulch prior to installing new so that you don’t exceed that 3″ maximum. Allowing the mulch to build up creates an environment conducive to insects and disease, it also ties up the nitrogen in the soil preventing your plants from being able to use this essential nutrient.
  • Why is mulch so important? By applying mulch, you will help minimize weed growth, help with moisture retention in the soil, and regulate the ground temperature.


  • Spring is a perfect time to plant too. With the temperatures still at a comfortable level, plants are able to adjust to their new environment with minimal stress from heat and drought. It is also a good time to divide and transplant any existing perennials that have become overgrown. Move them to another area of the landscape or give them to a friend!

This is a great guide for all you DIY-ers out there. Don’t have time to garden, but want to have your landscape in tip top shape? The professional crews at Bluegrass are equipped to service all your spring cleanup needs! Call today for a free consultation. (330)492-8733

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How Artificial Grass Can Improve Your Business


What is your customer’s first impression of your facility? What is the first thing that they see when they pull into the parking lot? If they see brown spots all over your grass, they might think slightly less of the way you keep things maintained. A nice, green lawn provides a happy, welcoming first glance at the way you present yourself as a business.

Now, if you have pets at your business, you probably already know that will never be the case; and even if you don’t, the cost of mowing, fertilizer programs, sprinkler maintenance, summer water bills…EEK!! Need I go on? What if there was a way you could have a gorgeous artificial lawn without any of those problems? SYNLawn artificial grass can help!

If you make the choice to enhance your commercial property with SYNLawn synthetic turf, your customer’s will be beyond impressed. As the largest manufacturer of synthetic turf grass, SYNLawn artificial grass products are the most technologically advanced grasses produced anywhere. They are durable, long-lasting and most importantly, they look just like real grass! Now serving all of Northeast Ohio, SYNLawn synthetic grass can be the solution for you. Find out more at or fill out a contact form below so we can answer your questions!


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How Outdoor Landscape Lighting Can Enhance Your Ohio Home


Landscape lighting is one of the key services offered by Bluegrass Incorporated and we’d like to help explain why it has become so important and beneficial to your Canton, Ohio home. A landscape lighting design not only enhances the view of your home at night, but it adds an important degree of security by eliminating those shadowy areas where danger could lurk. It also helps guide you or your guests along pathways or stairs, to prevent injuries from falling. In addition, it keeps burglars from targeting your house when they know they have a better chance of being seen.

Another great benefit of landscape lighting for your Canton, Ohio or Akron, Ohio home is curb appeal. According to the ASLA (American Society of Landscape Architects), they recommend that homeowners invest 10 percent of the home’s value in total landscaping. Landscape lighting should easily fit into that ten percent. If you’re going to invest in landscaping, it should be on display after dark too. If you drive through your Canton, Ohio neighborhood at night, the houses that will stand out are the ones with landscape lighting designs properly installed by a landscape lighting professional like Bluegrass Incorporated.

Outdoor lighting adds a sense of warmth to your Northeast Ohio home and will make your guests feel more welcome. If you have outdoor living spaces like fire pits, patios, or outdoor kitchens, imagine how crucial it is to have them lit up at night. Make your company feel safe and aware of their surroundings while they enjoy your proudly displayed property after dark.

While Bluegrass is highly experienced working with halogen lighting systems in the Canton, Ohio and surrounding areas, we also offer LED. An LED lighting system may cost more initially but it saves you money in the long run with it’s durability and energy efficiency. LED bulbs have an outstanding life expectancy of up to 100,000 hours. This is 11 years of continuous operation, or 22 years of 50% operation. If you leave your lights on for 8 hours a day, it would take about 20 years before you’d have to replace the bulbs. Having an LED lighting system will save you the cost of service calls as well as reduce your electric bill. They are guaranteed not to fail for 15 years and save about 70% energy.

Whether you choose a traditional or LED landscape lighting system for your Canton or Akron area home, it is guaranteed to look amazing.

With over 22 years of experience, Bluegrass Incorporated’s expert lighting team will know exactly where to place your fixtures to achieve the most beautiful appearance. We can all agree that a strategically designed landscape lighting system combined with exquisite landscaping can make your home stand out among the rest. Improving the appearance of your surroundings is sure to captivate a welcoming mood for you and your guests.

Give us a call to find out how Bluegrass Incorporated can enhance your Northeast Ohio home with a custom designed outdoor lighting system.
Bluegrass Inc.

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Spring Landscape


During the winter season spring landscape care is probably the last thing on you mind. After all, you’ve had snow to shovel and afternoons in the backyard seem so far away. The time to book your spring landscape work is now!

Why should you schedule spring landscape care early?

It may seem like there are more pressing matters than scheduling landscape work when its cold and snow is flying.

Come April, everybody will be scrambling to schedule their landscape work – So if you want to guarantee great service, you’ll need to book sooner rather than later.

Landscape companies tend to be less busy in the winter so they’ll be able to give you extra attention through the process – which is especially important if you’re planning something a little more extensive than your normal spring clean up. This is a great time to start planning any hardscape projects and landscape designs you want completed come spring time!

At Bluegrass, our services fill up quickly. After all, landscape maintenance is critical to the health and growth if your landscape and its necessary if you want to keep you landscape looking beautiful.

Schedule Spring Landscape Care Today

Book your Spring Landscape Care with us at Bluegrass and save yourself the hassle of last-minute booking.

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